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Lessons are available Monday through Saturday.

At Pony Paddock, we specialize in teaching children and adults the basics of horsemanship and a balanced seat.

It was once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." At Pony Paddock, we want to be part of your child's village. Horseback riding can be a great way to learn; responsibility, consideration for others, how to set goals, prioritize and great communication skills. Horseback riding also encourages positive self esteem, physical fitness, and body awareness,. Horseback riding can be a lifelong hobby that relieves stress and helps maintain focus. It is a reward and a special hobby with benefits only a true horseman can know.

Lessons are based on individual needs, strength and weaknesses. Each child progresses at their own rate. We set realistic goals based on each student’s abilities and budget.

When a child starts lessons depends on the child's coordination and attention span. The most common age to begin riding lessons is 5 years old. However, we are happy to give pony rides to young horse enthusiast.

All Students begin riding in individual lessons. Students must stay in individual lessons until they are able to tack up their pony and control their pony at a walk and a trot. At which time the student has choice to go into a group lesson. Groups are established based on the riders ability.

All riders MUST wear approved helmets and must have a Signed Release Form on file with the office.


2019 Camp Dates:

​​April 1st - April 5th   Spring Break

June 3rd - 7th Week 1 Summer Camp

June 10th - 14th Week 2 Summer Camp

June 17th - 21st Week 3 Summer Camp

June 24th - 28th Week 4 Summer Camp

Pony Paddock at Dragon's Lair offers a day camp for Spring Break, and Summer.  Camp is designed to teach students what it would be like to have a horse/pony of your own. Camp is based on the United States Pony Club manuals. Children learn what horses eat, how to identify health issues with horse, hoof care, care of tack and equipment.

All children are expected to participate in barn chores, including cleaning stalls, feeding the horses and cleaning tack.

Teaching aids include videos on safety, workbooks, demonstrations as well as hands on practice.

This is the perfect opportunity for that "horsecrazy" child to find out what it is all about.

All campers have the opportunity to ride twice per day.

Camp Days are 8 am til 5 pm.  Campers must bring their own lunch and drinks.

Students/Campers need to bring the following items:

• SEI approved helmet with an attached harness.
• Heeled shoes, such as cowboy boots, or paddock boots.
• Bag lunch with extra drinks.
• Sun Screen, bug spray and a hat with a brim.
• shorts and tennis shoes for non-riding times.

To register for camp please print and complete the registration form and release form.  Camp space is limited.  So please mail registration form and fees in early.  We can not hold camp slots without fees.